The role of British Civil Organizations in assuring quality of higher education

Keywords: higher education, higher education quality, civil organization, ACU Measures, quality assurance in higher education.


The article describes the general approaches to the problem of the functioning of NGOs and their influence on the system of higher education and on improving its quality based on the analysis of applied experience of the work of non-governmental organizations and associations in various spheres of educational activity. It is revealed that British public organizations, in the form of various organizational forms, are actively involved in the process of higher education quality assurance. It is determined that there is a steady tendency to use the expertise of NGOs and their tools for evaluating the performance of higher education institutions. The article provides a detailed description of the tools used by NGOs for assessing the quality of higher education and their functional and organizational and structural features. The mechanism of quality assurance of higher education and monitoring of this process are described on the example of tools used by British NGOs involved in quality assurance of higher education.


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