Implementation of information technologies into professional training of foreign students

Keywords: educational process, foreign students, interactive Smart Board, content.


On the example of study courses «Ukrainian for foreigners» and «Chemistry, Fuels and Lubricants» implementation in the process of foreign students` special training, the detailed analysis of Smart Board usage was conducted. On the basis of own experiment, the attitude of teachers and students of the Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University according to the advantages of multimedia approach was defined, and the effectiveness of usage in the modern educational field of information technologies was explained. The main differences of working with a multimedia board at practical classes and lectures were outlined. It was proved that a new way of presenting the material by means of an interactive board allows to optimize work in team, to save time and materials. Besides, it significantly improves audio and information flows to the level of active perception of educational material due to the information which the student works with on computer before presenting it in real time. Considering all the functions of Smart Board where text, image, video and sound are combined in one form, you can develop a unique content combining text and image information. Some practical recommendations for teachers of both humanities and technical disciplines were offered. It was shown that the way to the electronic studying which changes the concept of educational activity essentially, is in the interaction between traditional methods and scientific achievements. Perspectives of further explorations are aimed at developing electronic methodological materials using an interactive board. The following examples of using Smart Board in different subject areas demonstrate the benefits of an interactive learning concept, the unlimited possibilities of which can improve the studying results.


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